What’s next? Finding joy in your life makes you whole

“Share your energy for life … your enthusiasm, your zeal in a way that works best for you. Keep your big boss suit on if you need to stay buttoned up to be taken seriously, or put on your overalls and smock and get ready to plant and paint.”

– Darelyn “DJ” Mitsch, Zombies to Zealots: Reawaken the Human Spirit at Work

Every day in my work, I strive to help people find their paths, identify their goals and dreams, create their strategies for achieving those dreams, and build teams that achieve goals beyond their wildest expectations. It brings me joy and always will.

But I also love to travel. To eat amazing food. I love adventures. To visit a cabin in the mountains and commune with nature. I love clouds and the breathtaking show that an amazing sunset can bring. I love heading to a silent retreat where I can rejuvenate my spirit and grow self-awareness. I feel that when I’m ready to move to the next stage of my life, it will be on a path of spiritual guidance and reflection.

In Zombies to Zealots, we work on reawakening your human spirit at work, so that you can learn a new way to team and to build a community spirit of success. But there’s no reason you cannot take those lessons and apply them every day to your own life, in your home, in your community.

Imagine what a great world it would be if everyone brought enthusiasm, joy, and zeal to everyday living? In Zombies to Zealots, I write, “It is time – beyond time – to let the real you shine through. We do not need to go through an apocalypse to realize our revolution and understand why we are here … Our workplaces, our neighborhoods, our communities, and our planet need us!” By that, I mean, everyone around us needs to bring our best game, our joy, our sense of fun, our desire to serve and make a difference, to everyday life, just as much as our workplaces need that.

What brings you joy in life? What makes you feel fully present? I already know you are working on today, on your professional life, on becoming the best leader you can be, but how are you preparing for your tomorrow? Leave your comments for me below. I’d love to read them.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.