You Are Enough. What is calling you?

You’ve Spent Your Whole Life Proving you are Enough. You need to know that you ARE!

The picture I post today was of a note that my BFF Marilyn wrote to me when her voice had failed her and she communicated through a device, the result of aggressive ALS. She left us last May 5th. I think of her and her humor-filled wisdom every day. This notion of Being Enough, not needing to prove anything to anyone, any more, was a rich parting gift. It stays with me.

It calls to mind a journal entry in my book Zombies to Zealots.


You are who you are

You are not what you do

You are not what others say about you,

Not the labels in your company,

Not the labels from families or friends,

You may play many roles in your world, but you

Are more than the sum of these


Not just who you wanted to be


You become who you really are when you understand your contribution.

Now go. Become. Work at something that

Is meaningful and demands the best in you!

Lead yourself and others.

You be YOU!

I wrote this piece to remind myself to pay attention to my most symbolic work. It was my way of answering the question – What is calling to me now, or What’s next? These two questions are often on the minds of my clients, especially leaders… and especially those who have a “soul-cramp” when they feel they’ve sold out for a paycheck. We have all gone through that inquiry.

Now that Marilyn is gone, I find journaling a peaceful way to answer my deepest questions. And writing this was a reminder that, as I make my way into teaching mantic arts alongside coaching. I am a guide to leaders, and though I don’t have their same experiences or education, I am enoughI AM enough. That still small voice of wisdom repeats this to me. Remember you are Enough on those days I have a momentary relapse and feel less than, or competitive, or afraid, or wonder what’s next. If I could share one thought with you today that is worth contemplation, it is that.

Sometimes, the doubts about being “enough” are nurtured by company cultures that are filled with blame, with finger-pointing, with gossip, with “us versus them,” with fear. Most companies are. You can choose to ride that negative wave, or you can choose a self-aware and learning perspective about everything that occurs and be the change agent despite the culture. You are enough to create what you want to experience.

We humans are awake now. There has been a shift in our consciousness. A revolution happened in the ‘60s and another one… a gigantic energetic wave is happening now to upgrade our energy, our frequencies and our capacity for life and care.

Remember YOU are the revolutionary – as a leader, as a team member, and sometimes you feel fear. Sometimes, you feel disengaged. Sometimes, you feel you are not answering your true calling.

So, what to do when you wonder what’s next?

First, reawaken your spirit. Ask yourself, “What’s Now?”

The master in life sees work and play as the same thing. Find your play. Each day that you bring your reawakened self to the workplace, you are delivering the gift of zeal to a grateful community. It’s your unique contribution to others. Find the work that fills you with joy and passion for living, that gives your professional life meaning. If you need to adopt an avocation to filled out your vocation, do that.

Second, reawaken your curiosity. Be quiet for just 10 minutes. Find a spot where you eliminate the noise and breathe. Listen for the one question to emerge from deep within your soul. Open your heart and mind to growth. Read. Study. Find mentors and coaches who will challenge your thought processes and invite you to redefine success to include happiness and joy. Be contagiously zealous. We are in this consciousness revolution together.

Third, reawaken the LOVE.  It’s not only ok to care about others, it’s imperative. Try to learn each team member’s “love language” so that you can communicate “heart to heart.” We have all worked for someone who said those words in a tone that meant, “I’m gonna give you some feedback about something you don’t want to hear.” Be genuine with yours. Remember, as you care for others, we all want the same thing – a significant contribution. If you lead others, help them find that. Remember to tell them, “You are enough. You ARE enough.”

Reawakening is happening in this energetic wave now. We will not be able to go back to old ways, so let go of the nostalgia about the good old days. Look around you. Millennials are a force of this reawakening. Pay attention to their new ways of working. Follow their hunches. Access their best questions and surface their ideas for innovation. Trust their souls.

We are Remembering now… and that will take a huge willingness and truthfulness for each of us to become more real, more vulnerable, more mindful of who we really are, and why we came here now. We are enough to lead, to team, to find our way home, together.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.” (Unnamed Hopi Elder)

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.