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The future of business will go to those who liberate the human spirit at work.
The future of leadership will go to those who focus on who people really are, not just on what they do.
Now is the time to transcend your fears and learn how to lead in ways that align body, mind and spirit.
If you want to manifest a new destiny, I am here to help you shine.

It’s your time to lead and serve.

How I engage with you and your organization

I love working with bold leaders who transcend normal work structures and blaze new paths for others to follow. I tailor my coaching engagements by listening for and surfacing the genius within these leaders, teams and organizations. Built on a platform I designed more than two decades ago for expansion beyond one-on-one coaching, my work includes:

  • Conference workshops and speeches to ignite audiences
  • Executive and team retreats for off-site strategy sessions
  • Culture change initiatives built on our researched and proven coaching model
  • Group and team coaching (peer and affinity groups, in-tact teams; especially leadership, sales)
  • Coach training for Leaders of Leaders
  • Building a model for and training internal coaching cadres for organizations
  • Certification programs for leadership coaches who seek to scale to groups and teams

About my work


Zombies to ZealotsReawaken the Human Spirit at Work!


This inspirational guide will help you reawaken, reconnect and rehumanize your organization. Relevant and heartfelt, this easy read is crucial for those facing the chaos of change.

Mystic GritsA Southern Girl's Journey to Wisdom


A young girl grows into a spirited woman who, while remaining true to her deep-rooted faith, is awakened to a more expansive view of how “to live out loud” and fully embrace her many gifts.

Coaching for Extraordinary ResultsIn Action Case Study Series


Many organizations struggle to find the best approach to employ the coaching concept. These case studies offer processes, strategies and models your organization can follow.


3 Key Ways Coaching Will Change the Future of WorkPublished in Choice magazine

Coaching will become a required course for leadership development for any organization that will be sustainable for the next decade.

Team Coaching Reawakens the Human Spirit at WorkPublished in Choice magazine

Want to get people to come to life again? Find ways to blend their aspirations, avocations and creativity with their work.

All In! Humanity Demands We Bring Our Fullest ContributionPublished in Choice magazine

2017 Oct Choice Mag_V15N3_issue feature All In! DJ Mitsch

Blending some methodologies in the longer view of a coaching contract can be the best service to those who call us coach.


Coaching Through the Chaos of ChangePresented by Paradigm Shift of Healthcare

The very thought that physicians can benefit from executive coaching is an indication that the medical profession is shifting.

Driving Organizational ChangePresented by Team Coaching Zone

Learn how scaling team coaching in a pharmaceutical company led to dramatic organizational results.

Creating Impact To Reawaken The SoulPresented by Star Coach Show

The beautiful thing about a coaching relationship is that we are in the perfect position to inspire people to follow their dreams.


  • The Power of RE

    Every human has a narrative, a story that draws on their evolution and chronology. When I coach leaders, I invite them to consider who they are as a bigger part of the conversation than what they want. Listening for their essence gives me an understanding or point of entry for framing and reframing their experiences

    May 8, 2020
  • Chaos of change: Leadership and coaching in a disrupted world

    It’s challenging enough, in the best of times, for business leaders to build strategy, engage employees, encourage innovation and achieve results for stakeholders. But today’s world is noisy and chaotic. All business landscapes are in disruption, in what the United States War College trained officers for back in 1998: a world that is volatile, uncertain,

    June 1, 2018
  • Journaling gives leaders focus, mission

    Journaling.  The one common characteristic of successful leaders everywhere in the world is that they write down their goals and best ideas.  There seems to be an energetic connection with thought processes and the low-tech pen to paper as if we are harnessing some universal wisdom.   Almost all of my client leaders have kept their

    May 23, 2018
  • Teachers and coaches build character and help shape leaders

    Remember that teacher who saw past your shenanigans and helped unleash your potential as a student? Most successful people I know can cite a turning point in their early lives as a result of some encounter with a great teacher. Allow me to introduce a unique educator and coach –the kind of coach that gave meaning

    May 17, 2018


DJ delivered a motivating and inspirational presentation on energizing your life and the leader within you. She incorporated a unique blend of humor and storytelling while encapsulating our humanity and vulnerability. DJ had us on our feet ready to reawaken the spirit within us!

Mikki Kline
Co-President, Business & Professional Women's Network; Senior Advisor, Wells Fargo

DJ is the real deal. Her roots in coaching go deep and her wisdom as a coach is expansive. She has been and continues to be a pioneer, visionary, and leader in the coaching profession. Not only am I a better professional through our work together, I am also a better human.

Dr. Mark Greenawald
Founding Chair, Department of Family Medicine, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

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